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We can all agree that tequila is magical, right? - urbandaddy.com

An interior remodel to a 2,700 SF San Francisco restaurant that transformed an underutilized space into a vibrant neighborhood fixture.

The existing establishment had a number of egress and accessibility issues. Most notably, an unalterable level change that required the incorporation of a new ramp. This relatively large linear element, situated in an already long and narrow space, became an organizing feature in the design. A patterned concrete block wall separates the ramp from the bar and, in turn, the more informal entry and bar area from the rest of the space. This element is repeated again at a long banquette that dominates the main dining area. The banquette provides a more intimate experience with a lowered ceiling, built-in walnut bench and concealed accent lighting. As a formally separate element in the larger open space of the dining room it modulates and tempers the spatial monotony of the long box we were given. In the evening, when the house lights are dimmed, the banquette acts as a kind of animated lantern.